Q & A

Q: Why Does My Basement Leak?

A: Water begins to build up around the foundation of your home and then proceeds to seep through the walls and floor. The leading cause of water in your basement is the drain tile on the exterior of your home has begun to breakdown or become clogged as a result of the soil settling or poor installation.

Q: Why is there a musty smell in my basement?

A: The odor is caused by the dampness and high humidity. Mold thrives in a damp basement environment. This smell often results in increased respiratory infections, asthma, and allergies.

Q: Why are the walls stained?

A: Stains are evidence of dampness in that area of the wall or acidic residue. Acidic residue, known also as efflorescence is a result of water that builds up on the exterior of the basement wall and then travels through the block.

Q: Can I do anything on my own to correct the problem?

A: Cleaning your gutters and regarding the soil away from the foundation of the home may help.

Q: Someone told us that they would do the exterior waterproofing in order to prevent the water from reaching the basement. Is this a good idea?

A: Exterior waterproofing is often unnecessary and more costly. Pipes that are placed in the ground around the home become clogged and cracked because they are still exposed to the original conditions that caused the water to enter your basement to begin with. Soil settling is inevitable, any pipes or tile installed in this environment will clog and break.

Q: What should I do first when I’ve decided to finish my basement?

A: Call a licensed professional out to your home to do a thorough inspection. You want to check and make sure there is no area where water can come in and cause damage. Also you want to make sure the exterior wall don’t have moisture in them. Make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation and check downspouts.

Q: What should we do in the even of a flooded basement?

A: Do not walk around in the water. Keep all other family and definitely CHILDREN away. Call a professional immediately.

Q: How do I know if I have structure damage?

A: If you see a horizontal crack, or a vertical crack that’s narrow at the bottom and it gets wider…you want to get it looked at. If your floor seems like it’s sinking on out of balance, you want to have your structure looked at.

Q: What causes a wet basement/foundation?

A: The answer to this question could range from a wide variety of areas. Reasons will vary based on the following: Heavy rainfall, freezing/thawing, gutters/downspouts, foundation beds, back fill, environment, soil erosion, and geographical location to name a few.