Crawl Space Problems/Solutions

Fact: An unhealthy crawl space can be caused by groundwater seepage due to improper exterior maintenance and high relative humidity! This opens the door to mold, allergies, upper respiratory infections, bugs, rodent infestation and high utility bills! As much as 50% of the air you breathe upstairs comes from the basement or crawlspace!

What Causes My Crawl Space To Be Unhealthy?

  • Groundwater seepage due to improper exterior maintenance and/or failed waterproofing system.
  • The biggest cause of crawl space problems is relative humidity
  • What can cause high relative humidity?
  • Leaking groundwater through your crawl space walls that lays there and soaks the soil
  • Exposed earth on the floor of the crawl space
  • Open vents to the outside




When Crawl Space humidity is high it causes:

  • Mold growth
  • Wood floor rotting
  • A hideout for all sorts of insects
  • Musty, and foul odors
  • Energy waste by increasing heating and cooling costs…ducts sweat and bleed energy


And all of these things affect your property value. Who wants to buy a house with a problem?

BD Tip: Installing a dehumidifier with an air filter will eliminate that damp musty smell throughout your home.


Want to keep your Crawl Space dry all the time?




Install a drainage system and/or airtight sump pump system.

Install a strong plastic liner to encapsulate the crawl space.

Close the open vents and leave them closed.

Seal other outside air leaks (around pipes, through rim joists, etc.)

Protect against plumbing leaks.

Install a dehumidifying device to keep the relative humidity.