Effective Waterproofing System

Fact: Waterproofing is extremely important to a homeowner with a basement. The annual life of a sump pump is 10 years but even pumps can fail within that time causing further headaches. As water and moisture sets in it can open up the door to other issues such as mold, cracks, leaking and other household problems.

Does your basement experience leaks? Nothing is more of a headache than having to fix a flooded basement! That’s why waterproofing is all the more important. ┬áIt is important that we check our homes for the signs of possible leaks. This is a process, but the reward is much greater than the consequence. Effective waterproofing can seal off water from coming into your home and navigate it to the area it needs to go.

There is more than one way to waterproof a basement.

Options for Repair


Install a quality waterproofing system that will not clog!

If you want the whole basement dry, this system should be installed around the entire basement perimeter.

Mold behind the drywall due to a failed waterproofing system




Interior and Exterior perforated pipe will clog over time




Choosing the most effective waterproofing method that will not clog, saves you the time and expense of replacing a broken or clogged system later.

BD TIP: Use a certified waterproofing professional who will provide you with references.