Effective Waterproofing/Antimicrobial Coating

Fact: According to Wikipedia, Antimicrobial Coating reduces the ability if Microorganisms to grow. It is known to effectively fight off bacteria, fungi, and other infections responsible for over 100,000 hospital deaths in the U.S.

Seal The Walls!

  • Concrete block walls are porous and will absorb water
  • Moisture on the wall will lead to mold growth
  • Waterproofing or waterproofing paint alone will not prevent the growth of the mold on the wall.
  • Epoxy is the most effective type of wall sealant, holding approximately 40 psi of water pressure.


Seal the basement walls with a mold resistant epoxy before mold is a problem, and save time and money.



Mold is a concern, and a basement is a popular place for mold to grow. Mold and mildew are musty smelling fungi that thrive in moist conditions. Before finishing your basement, apply a water and mold resistant anti -microbial coating to the walls.

Mold Facts:

  • Damp basements are the leading cause of household mold.*
  • 50% of all basements contain mold problems.**
  • Exposure to mold can cause sinus infections, allergies, asthma & chronic fatigue.***

*The Center of Disease Control, **Dr. Jack Spengle – ┬áHarvard University, ***Dr Edgart Johanning – New York Occupational Health Center

It May be Necessary to: Set up containment, apply disinfectant, apply a mold blocker, and HEPA vacuum