Emergency Services

Fact: An emergency can come at the most inopportune time. That’s why they’re called emergencies. Be prepared in the event this happens to you. Whether it’s a pipe/line or a sump pump, you have to be prepared or the consequences could be a headache. Start now with a backup plan to execute in the event of an emergency.

What If…

A Pipe Breaks

Drain Backs Up


Sump Pump Fails

Leaking Water Pipes? 



  • You can’t just turn on a fan and open windows. To minimize water damage, an expert with specialized equipment must thoroughly remove water and dry furnishings, flooring, and walls.

Sump Pump Failure?



  • Do NOT use bleach!
  • It’s 99% water, loses potency from the moment it’s manufactured, and may make things worse! Bleach often removes the color of mold, but doesn’t always kill the mold spores.

The cost of water extraction is minimal compared to the price of mold remediation.

BD Tip: After a flood, water should be removed within 24 hours.