Exterior Maintenance

Fact: Exterior Maintenance should be done on your home at least once a year. Gutters and downspouts can affect the siding of your home and can cause serious damage when backed up. Pipes are equally as important as temperatures get colder. If pipes back up and can cause freezing which block the flow. If the flow is blocked it can send water back into your home.

25% of problems discovered during inspection, are a result of improper exterior maintenance.

Failure to maintain the exterior can lead to structural problems.

Exterior Maintenance is a must to maintain your property. Most times we tend to use the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” method. That method can come back to haunt a homeowner in the event of an emergency costing you time, energy and MONEY! Spend the time before the “storm” to check on the maintenance of your equipment and property.

Maintain Gutters & Downspouts




Clear your gutters of all debris to ensure proper water flow.

Extend your downspout lines away from the foundation.




Regrading the soil around your home is an easy way to keep dry and save money.

BD TIP: You should have your downspouts extended away from the foundation to keep roof water away from the foundation. Keep the soil graded away from the house wherever possible, and keep the gutters clean.

Prevent rain from pouring in through your basement windows

Keep debris like weeds and leaves out of your window wells

Window enclosures give you an attractive, bright clean solution that keeps rain out. It also prevents weeds from growing.

Install code compliant window wells that are safety escape routes. The basement is opened up for additional living space. Increase the value of your home and natural light of the basement living area. Emergency escape routes are required by code in most areas if adding a bedroom to the basement.