Keeping the Floor Warm, Dry, and Comfortable

Fact: Concrete floors continually release moisture. This generally brings out the cold from the ground and makes the basement damp feeling. Subflooring is the key to keeping that basement floor warm.

What are the options?



Carpet – Carpet provides cushioning to an otherwise hard cement slab

Vinyl or Linoleum – Linoleum is often used synonymously with vinyl but the material is all natural and more environmentally friendly than vinyl.

Laminate – Laminate allows homeowners to choose a design that looks like tile or wood. The laminate flooring is more durable and will not support mold growth.


  • Water vapor transfers through the porous concrete floor
  • This vapor is trapped by carpet or carpet padding
  • Wet carpet = mold and odor
  • The floor should be sealed or a plastic sub-floor should be installed prior to the carpet installation…NO WOOD!

Installing your basement flooring with mold resistant materials will make your carpet last twice as long.

BD TIP: The use of wood sub-floors is not recommended. Wood will absorb water and lead to mold growth.