Fact: If you fail to plan then your plan will fail! Get a list of what needs to be done and then EXECUTE! Only you know what needs to be done inside and outside of your home. Sit down and come up with a list and execute it while you want too before you have too!

Whenever starting a project, it is important that you ALWAYS have a plan! Yes this can be a tedious process, but it is essential when it comes to the success of any project! Sit down and brainstorm on what needs to be done to ensure the execution of your specific project. After brainstorming, action is needed during this process. Follow through with the steps you’ve written down during you brainstorming and planning stage. The total failure or success of your particular project hinges on how well you plan. Remember it is always better to plan ahead!





  • Remove all leaves and debris from your gutters
  • Ensure downspouts are clear and securely connected.
  • Grade soil away from the house wherever possible.
  • Keep your window wells free of leaves.
  • Clean your sump pump pit & install a battery backup
  • Guard against flooding by frozen discharge lines
  • Dehumidify your house
  • Protect against plumbing leaks. Replace washing machine hoses.